General Law

General Law Practice at Kasbee Law

In addition to the other areas of legal services detailed on this website, I can assist you with a wide range of General Law issues. I can represent you in:

Powers of Attorney: General Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Child Care Power of Attorney (read more below)

General Law Practice at Kasbee LawMinor traffic violations: i.e. speeding and moving violations

Civil Magisterial District Justice cases:  Civil sues less than $10,000 dollars

Residential leases:  Lease drafting and review

Landlord & Tenant Agreements or Issues (see below)

Real estate sales agreements: Offers to sell or buy a property

Deed transfers: Transfers of real estate to family members, associates, or friends

Document review: A review for a contract, sales agreement, or settlement agreement

Prenuptial agreements &/or Postnuptial agreements (Marital settlement agreement) :  Marriage comes in many forms. I can prepare or review agreements to protect your financial interest. 

If I am unable to help with your legal issue, I will refer you for free to a trusted and proven Pittsburgh attorney who can assist you with: personal injury, worker’s compensation, employment law, mediation, criminal law, business law, civil litigation, juvenile law, living trusts, DWI, social security disability, unemployment compensation, medical malpractice, Chapter 11 or 13 bankruptcy or real estate closings.

Powers of attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document which gives your representative the authority to make legal decisions on your behalf. Even though you are married, your spouse does not have the legal ability to sign documents on your behalf. A general or durable power of attorney allows your representative to do anything and everything that you can can do. It is essential that the person you designate as your power of attorney is someone you trust to handle all of your financial, real estate, gifting, medical and day to day decisions. A power of attorney is effective on the day your representative is given the power of attorney regardless of your ability to make your own decisions. The power of attorney format I use allows your representative to make medical decisions and obtain medical information on your behalf. This avoids the need for a separate medical power of attorney. However if you want to name a different person to make medical decisions a separate medical power of attorney must be used. If a person has not done a power of attorney and they become incapacitated or incompetent, a guardianship petition must be filed in the Orphan’s Court. This process can involve significant time and legal expenses.

I charge a flat fee for powers of attorney with a discount for couples.

Landlord & Tenant

If you are going to rent an apartment or home I will be happy to review the lease prior to your signing. Once the lease is signed by the landlord and tenant, any changes must be made by mutual agreement.

An important term in the lease is whether or not the lease automatically renews at the end of the lease period. If there is no automatic renewal, there will be specific time frames when you have to provide notice that you will not renew or that you will renew the lease. A tenant can be evicted for violating the terms of the lease and the lease can be broken if the landlord fails to follow the lease terms. There are specific requirements for the handling of security deposits. Landlord/tenant disputes are heard in Magisterial District Courts where the property is located. If anyone is unhappy with the Magistrate’s decision, it can be appealed to the Court of Common Pleas, Arbitration Division.

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